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Perfume Sales and Swaps

I ship USPS First Class mail via paypal (includes delivery confirmation) in a care mailer with bubble wrap. Shipping is $3-$4 domestic and $4.00-$7.00 international (I ship First Class International) If you are purchasing or swapping, please try to pick 3-5 decants for my sanity. Thank you!

ARCANA (decants)
None right now
5ml (all FULL unless otherwise stated)
Eternal, $12
Hua Mulan, $18 
Klara, $20
Kypris, $20 x 2
L'Inverno $15
Melisande the Puppet Mistress, $25 (aged 3+ years)
Neptune, $15
Octopus and Abalone Diver, $20
Silver Phoenix, $17
The East, $20
The Moon Gazed on My Midnight Labors, $20
The Witch Queen, $20
Victoria, $25
White Phoenix, $15
Wilhelmina Murray, $17
A Little Lunacy, Halloweenies, Sleepy Hollow, Yules, Wind in the Willows and Others ($3 each or otherwise marked)
Burning Vulva
Carfax Abbey
Glowing Vulva... (swap, very picky)
Hay Moon
Johnathan Harker x2
Lilith Victoria
Phoenix at Dawn
Reindeer Poop 
Staged Moon Landing
The School House
Tiki King
To Autumn 
Velvet Tiger
Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse
Half Decants ($2.25 or 5 for $10)
A Nocturnal Reverie
Dolces Stil Nuovo
Elegy IX: The Autumnal
Ghosts in Love
Harigata II
Loosening Of The Obi
Male Nude, Arms Upstretched
Muse of the Night
Nude Woman Reclining
Oak Moon
The Arbor
The last Evening of the Year
The Lilac Wood
The Triumph of Death
Time Does Not Bring Relief
1ml GC samples ($2 each)
Most labels are Lab fresh with clean labels but a few have dirty labels, tiny oil spots, pen marks, or curled labels, please inquire if you are interested in a specific scent.

BLACK PHOENIX TRADING POST (all NEW and unused or unopened)
Jack Soap, $7
Semiramis, 1 oz Bath Oil and 1ml Perfume Oil Decant Set $5
Taurus Zocket (will swap for Pisces) NEW $135
Tomoe Gozen, 1ml perfume decant $3
STARBORN ALCHEMY PALIMPSEST PERFUMES (take all below as a set for $20)
Lyudmila, 10 ml bottle $15
Casimira, 1ml decant $3
The Trains of Heaven, 1ml decant $3
The Green Wind, 1ml decant $3
Orlande's Salon, 1ml decant $3
Palimpsest, 1ml decant, $3
SWEET ANTHEM (take it all including a FREE solid perfume sample of Tara for $6)
Cordelia, sample size, $2
Phoebe, sample size, $2
Sophie, sample size, $2
Vicky, sample size, $2
VILLAINESS (all Soap, Smooched, and Whipped are brand new, unopened and can be shipped First Class Mail. I will swap for Datura soap)
Scintillating Smooch, $10
WOOBIE (all last seasons Yule)
Seven Swans a Swimming, 1/2 oz. x3 $5 each
Six Geese A Laying, 1/2 oz. x3 $5 each
Snow, 1/2 oz. x3 $5 each 



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